Dear Friends

We are proud to announce the New England Lobsterbake Company which caters a truly authentic New England Style Clambake and barbecue coming up. Make this years outing something different. This is how it all begins.

Something of a cross between a picnic and a banquet, the clambake is a New England "original." It's the perfect way to combine a day of fun at your specified place or ours with your friends, relatives, or employees for a day of New England fun.

The Indians invented it. When the tribes moved from their winter quarters inland to their summer camps along the coast, the abundant shellfish, freshly caught, were cooked in pits while games were played on the shore.

All our seafood is steamed in seaweed to give this a distinctly delicious taste. I am a native of Cape Cod, Massachusetts and I personally insure a quality Lobsterbake/Clambake.

All the seafood is flown in the day before the clambake to insure freshness. we require that you have a minimum of 25 people. New England Lobsterbake will set-up, serve-up, and clean-up.

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